Summer Camp 2012

Colourful kids is always busy with exciting activities. For up to date information call us on 25121916.

Summer Camp 2012 is here!

With 3 hour sessions per day, and 3- 5 days per project, our Summer Camps are fun packed.  Art, Drama and Cooking will keep the kids happy while they learn!

This year our prices are $399 per 3 hr session, same as last year.

You can first pay and reserve the number of lessons you want, and confirm the exact dates later via phone or email.

For further details, please refer to the attached flyer.

If you have any enquiries, please call us at 2512 1916 or email us at:


2012 暑期課程開始招生!!!

一星期5天課程,每天3小時,內容包括烹飪,視覺與表演藝術 ,讓孩子過一個有創意,有智慧而又輕鬆的暑假!

今年我們維持原價 每節(3 hr) $399. 由今天至五月十九日報名,更可享優惠價 每節$369. 為方便各位家長, 您可以先付堂數,後補日子(六月二日或以前通知我們).

詳情請電 2512 1916 或 電郵 查詢.